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Health is a top priority for all of us to maintain the happiness of life in the world.

but many people suffer from frequent diseases due to decreased immunity and are particularly vulnerable to viral diseases.

Immunity enhancement is an essential factor for the pursuit of happiness and health.

According to recent statistics from countries, many cancer patients are suffering,

and their families are making a lot of sacrifices Also many cancer patients are expecting better quality of life for complete recovery and reduced pain.

For two big research tasks and goals on immunization and cancer treatment,

our company will continue to do its best to find solutions through nature

and use them while maintaining that good mind.

I wish you good health all the time.


New generation growth engine, Professional BIO Company.

The Ancellbio business area can be classified into two main category as follows


PDT Cancer therapy pipeline


PDT Cancer Therapy

Green BIO

Immune Therapy Supplement

ANCell I care ® 

Immune care


about company


Photo Dynamic Therapy
New dual controlled Targeting Therapy

PDT is type of molecular targeted cancer therapy, which allows the selective destruction of cancer cells without any damage to normal tissues. It is a Drug and light-based cancer therapy.

PDT necessary

for QOL of

Cancer patients 

Each year, according to statistics from the national health department, many cancer patients are increasing due to continued and they are a major cause of death.

Particularly, many terminal cancer patients is wait to die without any plan of action

with the renunciation.

Using this cancer treatment method called photo dynamic therapy(PDT), can provide new treatment opportunities for cancer patients and improve their quality of life specially, terminal cancer patients.

What is PDT Advantage?


PDT is targeted at tumor cells it causes no damage to healthy tissues

Treatment + fluorescent diagnostics

PDT is cost-effective

cosmetic effect

PDT use for improve the quality of life

PDT may also be repeated and may be used with other therapies

Treatment in out-patient conditions

How many countries use PDT ?


How many Korean Hospitals use PDT ?

PDT pipeline

Fotoditazin / ANCelltazin®


ANCellfotozin® is the new name for Fotoditazin to register in Korea

At the present time the company "VETA - GRAND" has created a photosensitizer of new generation "PHOTODITAZIN®“on the basis of derivatives chlorophyll A (invention patents No. 2144538 and No. 2276976).

Its properties and characteristics are substantially different from the most famous Russian and foreign analogues.The preparation "PHOTODITAZIN®" has successfully passed the full cycle of biomedical and clinical trials in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation.


Two forms of a preparation are registered currently:

·"PHOTODITAZIN® concentrate for solution for infusion

  (registration certificate No. LS-001246 from 18.05.2012)


·"PHOTODITAZIN®" gel-penetrator light radiation

  (registration certificate No. FSR 2012/130043 from 03.02.2012).



IIT plan

Detailed description of

Investigator Initiated Trial plan


PDT Device

Detailed description of

PDT Device



Detailed description of

PDT cancer therapy

What is the Immune?

The immune system is a host defense system comprising many biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against disease. ...

Exploring Uncharted Territories of Treatment

We continue to push innovation within our immunology pipeline—considering multiple scientific approaches and investigating novel solutions to help improve patient care across a variety of  diseases with unmet needs.

Immune LAB

What Are

the Parts of the Immune System?

Many cells and organs work together to protect the body. White blood cells, also called leukocytes,

play an important role in the immune system.

Some types of white blood cells, called phagocytes, chew up invading organisms.

Others, called lymphocytes, help the body remember the invaders and destroy them.

One type of phagocyte is the neutrophil, which fights bacteria. When someone might have bacterial infection, doctors can order a blood test to see if it caused the body to have lots of neutrophils.

Other types of phagocytes do their own jobs to make sure that the body responds to invaders.


The two kinds of lymphocytes are B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes. Lymphocytes start out in the bone marrow and either stay there and mature into B cells, or go to the thymus gland to mature into T cells.

B lymphocytes are like the body's military intelligence system they find their targets and send defenses

to lock onto them. T cells are like the soldiers  they destroy the invaders that the intelligence system finds.

Immun pipeline

Immune Pipeline

Explore unknown treatment areas

ANC Color Therapy

In the meantime, there are numerous supplements that have been shown to boost your immune system and therefore your longevity. These include Zinc, Vitamin C, DHEA, fish oils, and Reishi mushrooms, among others. As you explore these options, remember, just because you’ve been alive longer, doesn’t mean you have to passively accept declining immune function.

In fact, building your immune system is the front line of the Revolution Against Aging and Death.


Powerful natural antioxidant with topical properties of anti-aging

collagen protection


Enhancing Immunity In the meantime, there are numerous supplements that have been shown to boost your immune system and therefore your longevity


The minerals contained in bottled and tap water

are not enough to satisfy our body’s requirement.

R&D review

R&D Task review

R&D Task


Another form of Photoimmunotherapy entails binding the photosensitizer to an antibody for more selective delivery of the drug to the tumor tissue. The antibody is specific for a protein found on the tumor’s outer wall, so that it seeks out the tumor like a guided missile.  The tumor is then exposed to light, causing the tumor’s destruction.


Ideally, the antibody-bound photosensitizer will reach the most vulnerable parts of the cancer cell, such as the lysosomes, which contain digestive enzyme. Destruction of the lysosomes causes the cancer cell to digest itself due to the release of the enzymes. This results in a more selective and focused treatment effect, and it enables one to use lower doses of photosensitizer and lower doses of light as well.

R&D Task

PDT Immune Vaccine

Description:  In Immuno-PDT, the anti-cancer immune defenses are activated in specific ways in order to mount an effective response against the cancer. PDT causes tumors to release antigens during the breakdown process (necrosis).The dendritic cells are able to capture the tumor antigens and then migrate to lymph nodes, where they interact with

T-cells to trigger an aggressive immune response against the cancer.

R&D Task

Anti cancer – Drug for PDT solution

ANCellbio PS is a lyophilized injectable formulation based on a water-soluble molecular complex of chlorin e6 sodium salt .

Complexed form of chlorin e6 noticeably differs from free chlorin e6 in its spectroscopic properties and therapeutic efficacy.  

홈페이지 소스-13.png

Chlorophyll a Food grade          Pheophytin a chemical drug      Chlorin e6 injection agent

ANCellbio Media

ANCellbio Media

ANCellbio Media


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